The Different Technology That Goes Into A Pair of ECCO Shoes

The Different Technology That Goes Into A Pair of ECCO Shoes

ECCO makes a bold statement. They want to be the most comfortable shoes on the planet. What goes into the production of a pair of ECCO shoes is very different from any other shoe maker. If your interested in the technology behind a pair of ECCO golf shoes then you should read this entire article in its full. In this article I will talk about all the different things that go into making a pair of ECCO shoes. With that being said let’s get started.

I want to share a little about how I first discovered ECCO shoes. Believe it or not their was a time when I did not know a thing about ECCO shoes or even knew that they existed for that matter. You see a friend and me were golfing about about a year ago after school and I happened to notice him wearing a pair of shoes that I had never seen him where before. Needless to say I had to ask what kind were they. We got to talking for a while as he explained to me they were ECCO and shoes and he even told me a little about the manufacturer. After that day talking with my friend, I was hook. I am now an ECCO shoe fanatic.

But, enough of me rambling on let’s get down to what technology goes into making ECCO shoes.

ECCO Swing Stabilizer

Well start with what ECCO likes to call the swing stabilizer. It is designed to give you heel extra support. To be more specific it adds an extra layer to your heel giving your more lateral stability. I know all that may sound a little confusing, but trust me it works wondering. Before I was golfing in a pair of Nike Shox’s and I can personally tell you it helps.

ECCO Cleats

These cleats are made up of polyurethane. They are designed for abrasion resistance and for minimal compression on the green. Making them very green friendly.

A second part to the cleats are the “Fast Twist or Metal Thread Receptacles”. If you need to get to action you can use the fast twist to get to action quickly. If you have to go ahead and put your traditional metal housing on your cleats.

Cleats Not your Thing? Go Spike less

The spike less shoes are extra reinforced on the bottom to give you better traction and grip with the cleats. It also features and shock absorbing sole.

Gore Tex Technology

ECCO version of leather that keeps your feet dry back wicking moisture away and preventing it from coming in. It contains over a billion pores per square centimeter making it possible.

Hydro max Technology

Hydro max is similar to Gore Tex. It is a name give to its other water resistant leather. This particular leather is characterized a low water uptake in wet conditions.

Carbon Fiber Textile

This lay of texture is code named “Steady As You GO” and it is designed enhance every aspect of your golf game from: your stance, your swing, and walking around and entire golf course.

There is more that goes into making an ECCO golf shoe but these are the different technology that they like to point out that makes the difference between their shoe and other shoe makers.

If you are looking for a good pair of golf shoes from ECCO, then I can personally vouch for ECCO on this one. They make a great a pair of golf shoes that are some of the most comfortable that I have ever had the pleasure wearing.

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