These shoes are made for walking … running… jumping!

These shoes are made for walking … running… jumping!
More important than the price, design, or celebrity-endorser of your shoe, is how they support your foot and whether or not they are designed for your activity of interest. The main athletic shoe types are those designed for court sports and those …
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Nike designs shoe for disabled Fort Myers teen – WBBH News for
Caitlyn Jenner, in her first speech since identifying as transgender, said Wednesday that she wants to "reshape the landscape of how trans issued are viewed," and invited her peers in the sports world to join her in "making this one of your issues …
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Spartan students run with a purpose | WBNG-TV: News, Sports and Weather
"We're running and we're going to raise some money for kids in the Town of Maine to help them buys shoes if they can't afford it," said runner Grayson Hoteling. It started with M-E runner Joel Wheeler. Last year, by himself, he raised enough money to …
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