This is the Right Way To Tie Your Running Shoes

This is the Right Way To Tie Your Running Shoes
On the top of all running shoes, there are these extra lace holes way at the top that almost no one uses. Turns out, they're made for looping your laces back, and tightening the top so your feet don't shuffle around inside. File this under things I …
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How Kobe Bryant, Kung Fu helped Serena design her Wimbledon shoe
You can credit Kobe Bryant and the Kung Fu philosophy for the design of Serena Williams' completely new on-court footwear for Wimbledon 2015. As Nike designer Aaron Cooper worked with Serena, creating the first on-court shoe engineered specifically for …

Tired of playing the same sports games? Get half-naked and do the streak-o
Put your sport shoes on, wear some cheesy shorts and plan the most spectacular jump into the soccer field! Streaking has never been easy, so you'll have to try your best to defeat security forces as well as pick up some helpful followers. Crazy Pixel …
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