Three Look Books, Two Pastry Shoes and One Business Photoshoot Hey guys, well I was soooo lucky to have a load of…
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Pastry Shoes Brand Video Fall 2012 Angela and Vanessa Simmons, Alli Simpson, Madison Pettis, Jessica Jarrell, Mz Bratt, Colette Carr and Cody Simpson.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to Three Look Books, Two Pastry Shoes and One Business Photoshoot

  1. MOAMNETWORK says:

    well thats the beauty of wigs ;p rock em on the wkend & holidays lol

  2. MOAMNETWORK says:

    many thanx hun x

  3. FatandFierce says:


  4. xan1tax says:

    lool ur welcome x

  5. MOAMNETWORK says:

    hey gurl gosh i shop everywhere lol vintage, primark, pastry, high street
    xx wer u from?

  6. brattiness22 says:

    I like the first outfit with the black studded tights and black and white

  7. Flowering Creativity says:

    woOow! dii end result iiz soOo coool! ii have to say ii love ur alter ego
    weariin all piink dii most…

  8. MOAMNETWORK says:

    big thanks to mr x the genius behind the camera x

  9. mrsnaturally4me says:

    I love your style!

  10. MOAMNETWORK says:

    yeeeah welcum to the family wooop ;p xx

  11. MOAMNETWORK says:

    well i wudnt mind bein there right now ;] excellent x

  12. MOAMNETWORK says:

    thanks x

  13. paris couture says:

    I wanna meet you when I come to London.

  14. MOAMNETWORK says:

    many thanx sweetie x

  15. MOAMNETWORK says:

    u make me smile ;]

  16. MOAMNETWORK says:

    thanx babe x

  17. MOAMNETWORK says:

    i bought it from a lil sport shop in glasgow in december x

  18. MOAMNETWORK says:

    woop lol

  19. shortandstuff says:

    Love all looks but my fave is the one with the pink hair. It really
    compliments your skin and brightens it more.

  20. MOAMNETWORK says:

    it was a shame she left but thez things happen & we just dust off & keep it
    movin, wish her all the best

  21. MOAMNETWORK says:

    woop x

  22. MOAMNETWORK says:

    thanks hun x

  23. MOAMNETWORK says:

    aww fanx gurl glad u liked it x

  24. Maddy moon says:

    I love the shoes!!!!!❤❤❤❤

  25. MOAMNETWORK says:

    lol fanx hun x

  26. Sam Wicktora says:

    I sent myself here because I’m subscribed….

  27. Kimberly Jones says:

    Love Pastry Sent me here

  28. Hayley Lutrario says:

    I am so excited! I need more Pastry Shoes!!

  29. Maisie J says:


  30. Filipa Alexandra says:

    amazing ! x

  31. Jessbyz Forevz says:

    I’m really not a big fan of Pastry’s shoes but CODAAAYY IS HAWWTT!!LOLL.

  32. Celia Lucia says:

    i like it :)

  33. Alyssah Ottley says:

    Jessica sent me! :)

  34. Melisa Moya says:

    I love the video I wish I was a Pastry girl Model. :’)

  35. sweetgangsteress says:

    O snap mz bratt :O never knew she was a pastry model

  36. toby Ryan says:

    Madison Pettis my wifeyyyy

  37. Sarah Duzit says:

    Pastry bought me here , but so did everyone in here xD

  38. Paula Carvajal says:

    madison pettis is my favorite actress

  39. codysimpsonisboss says:


  40. chochang224 says:

    Omg I wasn’t expecting Cody

  41. Ayanna Taylor says:

    madison and alli sent me here

  42. Camryn says:

    these are really sick!

  43. rozdr says:

    the shoes at 0:39! love everyone looks amazing! i love jessica :’)

  44. Lady Xeona says:

    i ♡ the ones @:30

  45. xdanivissinga says:

    Codytourupdates brought me here (: haha

  46. ShoppingAddict202 says:

    I sent myself here…

  47. princess castle says:

    those r the cutest shoes in the world i love them ima buy 10 pairs!

  48. gbird313 says:

    Love Pastry sent me here. The colors of the Pastry shoes are amazing. We
    can’t wait for our Pastry shoes to arrive. :)

  49. londonpapparazzi says:

    Im in UK and a US size 8 is a UK size 6, are the pastry shoes true to size?
    coz i bout some apple bottoms bt they are not true to size and the US size
    eight is too big,

  50. rewroxs14 says:

    what are the shoes at 0:34

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