Top 10 Special Edition Football Boots – 2015

Thanks For Watching! – Remember that they’re judged by designs/looks! And if you’re not a fan of pics, than your video starts at 2:22 Copyrights/Credits: – Nike (Nike Football) – Adidas (Adidas…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to Top 10 Special Edition Football Boots – 2015

  1. TeamHero says:

    too much tobu

  2. Khashvir Persad says:

    mirosar 10.1, adidas yamamoto, adidas f50 messi 371?

  3. BudgieGaming09 says:

    Ibrahim kashif I hope ronaldo drugs you in your sleep you hater

  4. John Cena says:

    Cr7 rare gold?

  5. Sergio Gonçalves says:

    i love this song it’s called

  6. Santi S says:

    I like it

  7. Mr.Found says:

    These are nice

  8. marru arellanes says:

    What about Messi life pibe de barr10

  9. TheOfficialCakeGames says:

    I think the gold World Cup evopower tricks are the best 

  10. Maximilian Weber says:
  11. Bilal Shaukat says:

    I like number 4 the best

  12. Anubhav Gupta says:

    Nice video…It doesn’t bores you like many others 

  13. Dany El Crack says:

    Messi Pibe de Barr10

  14. juan medina says:

    You sold or dolls

  15. Maximilian Weber says:
  16. henrik værnes says:

    Adidas f50 99g???

  17. miguel angel navas rodriguez says:

    nombre dela cancion por fa?

  18. Javier Valencia says:

    Bad ass video Fam

  19. The PandP Channel says:

    whats awesome about #1 is it has micro diamonds (Diamonds that have been
    cut and refined so much their tiny) this is a mention to how ronaldo
    refines his talent as said by nike

  20. nathanvaldez45 says:

    for messi’s shoes I’d go with the red/white version that he first got 

  21. Jacob Fazackerley says:

    Got a pair of Galaxy vapour 9’s myself. Best boots ive ever owned

  22. TheMacho012 says:

    hii everybody :) i want to meke new friends here olaaa

  23. Daniel cruz says:

    were can i get some and what song is this

  24. Hubertus says:

    Nike Mercurial Superfly 4 CR7 Silver, now is the best ;)

  25. Dany El Crack says:


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