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How To Attach Knives To Your Boots / Shoes

Requested video hope it helps..

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  1. gangXter Saad says:

    Hey guys
    I shoot the ball good but it doesn’t have much power
    I mean good curve and accuracy but not much power
    Advice. ?

  2. James Lomax says:


  3. Rembzy says:

    what is this song called?! Please respond!!

  4. etrit says:

    Nike ist für mein Bruder cool

  5. etrit says:


  6. tobius637.wot says:

    That was like best shots there wasn’t any like kons or good things about
    the shoes

  7. Danny Vo says:

    and how much is the pele trinity 3E

  8. gangXter Saad says:

    Hey guys
    I shoot the ball good but it doesn’t have much power
    I mean good curve and accuracy but not much power
    Advice. ?

  9. alicia rocha says:

    I don’t think is the cleat that makes the change

  10. Danny Vo says:

    how much is the nike vapor 8

  11. C4xR3AL says:

    Which e-dubble song was it?..

  12. thanasis klokwnis says:

    4 the best <3

  13. xu jacket says:

    football shoes 42usd skype: frankouber

  14. anrico hoeksma says:

    number 2 because I have them

  15. zayn malik says:

    it like CR7 free kicik

  16. AwesomeMan6190 says:

    I like number 5 and 2 best. 

  17. zayn malik says:

    I Like it

  18. MyFREJSEN says:

    Nike boots are the best! :D

  19. alicia rocha says:

    I honestly don’t think is the boot that matters I think is the wat you hit
    the ball

  20. cristian david valdes torres says:


  21. Jan Laushman says:

    Don’t be angry! Let the haters sucks!!!!!

  22. zain Sarwar says:

    The song is e dubble life coach

  23. Mr.Carrot says:

    I have the mercurial victory iv cr

  24. Aaron Hung says:


  25. Hector Daniel says:

    He is rich he doesnt need to play

  26. souljah11b says:

    What brand of boots are those?

  27. Brad Bryant says:

    Why the hell would you want a knife on your shoe/boot

  28. pcomp says:

    What kind/make of boots are these? Looks like decent footwear, thanks

  29. Blu3raNger88 says:

    on the normal shoe why wouldnt you run the very bottom lace through the two
    bottom eyelets? 

  30. castof1984 says:

    i could never walk properly if i had anything on d inside of my boot laces
    they are supposed to b tight too tight n they hurt imagine a knife?turned
    off after this..

  31. basshead dipper says:

    Hello culterylover I went with the smith&wesson H.R.T boot knife and I am
    really impressed with it but I wear my knife on the side of my boot it’s
    more comfortable to me but I also wear my step dads old airforce desert
    combats so they have a higher carry so it doesn’t make it uncomfortable to
    wear anyways keep up the great videos they are very helpful most people
    don’t appreciate how much time you take out of your life to do reviews on
    knives but I do anyways hope to see more great videos from you.

  32. Britt Bremer says:

    What kind of flashlight is that?

  33. Wes Desto says:

    8:50 skips all the bullshit

  34. Yoad J.S. says:

    most… useless…wait im wasting strings for the uploader to feel
    comfortable by nonsense random rambling……..’how to’ not do a how to.

  35. Coco Yang says:

    can i just ask if this is legal in canada and if so, how old do you have to

  36. wildairsoft1 says:

    i have fury kuba kicks under my laces 

  37. Joe Jones says:

    I have the crkt sting and crtk minimalist knives. Love both of them. The
    minimalist stays on a lanyard around my neck, but due to the size of sting,
    still trying to figure out a place to mount it. I wear sneakers most of the
    time. Only wear boots while at work and have no need for it there, plus my
    work boots stay at work. Was thinking about wearing on my belt dead center
    on the back using the belt loop as a stopper inbetween the 2 attachment
    points on the sheath. Any thoughts?

  38. Robert Laster says:

    too much da*n talking. ended up skipping past most.

  39. Nick Rhyan says:


  40. zcotton1 says:

    What is the brand and kind of the little knife mounted to the black shoe

  41. yk91o1 says:

    wow never have I seen a “How To” with so much content yet so little
    learned. No affiance but man :/

  42. Gucci Counts says:

    wtf this video is about How To Attach Knives To Your Boots / Shoes
    and all your talking about is your fucking shoes how good or bad they are
    fuck off man

  43. Brandon Schafer says:


  44. Zach Heredia says:

    I’m not saying your newer stuff is bad but your older stuff is awesome!

  45. Nox Aternum says:

    I’m sure you could find that type of thing somewhere on the internet, you
    might have to clear your browser history after wards though.

  46. XavierJ61 says:

    I hide it in my underwear

  47. HalfLife2Beta says:

    can you please make a video for how to repair a butterfly knife rivet? like
    how to screw them more ? thx for help

  48. ThePoorMansButter says:

    I’m always looking at peoples shoes. I’m like forest gump.

  49. staticx2552 says:

    be careful not to get alchohol poisoning lmfaoooooo xD

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