Tyger Paw saves Your Shoes and Boots

Tyger Paw saves Your Shoes and Boots

To beat the January blues, people are all trying to do more regular exercise such as jogging, football training or just taking a daily walk. That is how they end up with a pile of muddy boots, trainers and willies in our homes. So there could be desired a unique tool that effectively cleans your sporty footwear of encrusted mud and dirt.

The Technical Stuff: The Tyger Paw is a UK-designed brush constructed of ThermoPlasicElastomer, a non-abrasive material which is strong, durable and waterproof. The base is made up of bristles of differing lengths and tensile strengths which efficiently remove ingrained dirt, grass and mud. 
This will not damage leather or synthetics as a conventional scrubbing brush would. It wheedles out dirt from every crevice of a football boot, trainer or shoe. That is because it is made up of tough wedges that remove chunks of turf and mud, multi-purpose dimples which get in between the studs and cleats on the sole, and fine scrubbers for prizing even dried-in dirt from every little nook and cranny.
The upper side is designed to fit comfortably in your hand and has a strap so you get a good grip as you are cleaning your footwear. Just hold the sole of the shoe or boot under running water, slip it on and scrub gently. It does the rest.
It has other uses too. The Tyger Paw also tackles dried mud on car carpets and mats. And because its bristles don not get clogged up, it is very effective at removing pet hair so it is ideal for cleaning floor runners and horse blankets.
At just small cost, it is the most useful tool you will buy this winter. And if you order a pack of two for £19.99, you get this ingeniously designed brush for £10 each. The Customs thought we were bringing in live tigers when they saw the manifest.
The British Summer has disappointed again and it feels as though the children are going back to school having only had a small spell of nice weather to enjoy. But unfortunately it won’t be long before cleaning muddy boots and shoes after school, especially football boots and trainers, will become another dreaded school chore. Well you can console yourself with this thought – it’s got a lot easier!
This fantastic new product  was designed to remove mud from all types of Shoes & Boots & Carpets etc. Fantastic for Muddy Football, Rugby Boots, Hiking Boots, Wellington Boots – the soft bristles easily remove mud from in between studs & molded soles. Quick, easy and less messy to do!
By the way, it is also great to remove dried mud on car carpets & mats, mud from horse blankets and also a very effective Pet Hair Remover.  It is waterproof & has a durable design. Soft bristles easily remove mud from in between studs & molded soles. So versatile, it gets the job of removing dried on mud from shoes, boots, carpets and much. Homecare could be enhanced by this.
Even if you children are not willing to use this product themselves, they’ll love the name – the Tyger Paw Trainer Cleaner Removes Mud – it is as simple as that! See the technology behind it below – the designer can confidently say that it is the ideal tool for cleaning sports footwear, and he should know being a lifelong football fan involved in playing, coaching and managing. Wishing you people Happy New Year 2012.

Laura Wimble is Online SEO Expert. This article is written by writers working at Caraselle Direct. We offer a wide range of Pet Hair Removers and Homecare products.

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