Vernon Oxford – Little Sister Throw Your Red Shoes Away

Vernon Oxford – Little Sister Throw Your Red Shoes Away.

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9 Responses to Vernon Oxford – Little Sister Throw Your Red Shoes Away

  1. Rodney Nicholauson says:

    This what Hank might of sounded like if he’d recorded in the 60s/70s.

  2. Marcel Cascagnette says:

    fantastic song tells a story so familiar

  3. irene hetherton says:

    It is “so give my mam and dad one final riches”!!!

  4. Tom Page says:

    Can’t find the lyrics, but I think it’s “so give our mom and dad one final
    (riches)”. I even found another guy singing it and when he get to that
    part, same thing. Sorry I couldn’t help ya more.

  5. Matteo Ringressi says:

    That’s real country music. I miss it, very much.

  6. L.D. Wood says:

    A great pure Country song. I would like to see these young singers to show
    Nashville this is what we want and not the noise they try to give us.
    5***** Singer and Song.

  7. Jake Penrod says:

    What are the lyrics in the line that begins, “so give our mom and dad…”?
    I have been trying to make out what he’s singing for years and still can’t
    figure it out.

  8. old64goat says:

    This is REAL country! Thanks for posting.

  9. lincolncadillac says:


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