Yucaipa Police Department seeks assistance in burglary/theft case

Yucaipa Police Department seeks assistance in burglary/theft case
He was wearing a grey baseball cap, white tee-shirt – tan with red sleeves, letterman type jacket, black pants, brown work shoes or boots and wearing white cloth gloves, carrying red handled bolt cutters. On May23, a white Toyota Tundra truck, with a …
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​In 1989 murder, did investigators make facts fit the crime?
The dog tracker had pointed to shoe prints that came from tennis shoes. Those tennis shoe prints could prove to be crucial evidence, but only if Hallock's "work boots" description fell apart. The morning after the shooting, Sgt. Fair and another deputy …
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Viewpoint: Community support made Soup-er Bowl a success
During 2014 Stone Soup gave winter clothing, coats, shoes, boots and much more to families to ease their financial situations. Goods worth $ 120,362 helped 435 children, 448 adults 76 seniors, community churches and agencies. Each day, as customers …
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Walk a mile in these shoes: "Killer Heels" at Albuquerque Museum
(That's right, all the shoes mentioned so far can technically be worn — assuming the wearer has the necessary combination of balance and fearlessness.) Other local artists include Albuquerque natives Deana McGuffin, a third-generation boot maker, and …
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